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The firm of Gillespie & Associates is engaged in the general practice of law with an emphasis upon insurance defense litigation.  Our Attorneys are recognized for their expertise in personal injury litigation, including general liability, product liability, medical malpractice and workers compensation defense matters.  Our firm has extensive experience in the areas of automobile, property and casualty claims.  Collectively, this firm brings more than 100 years of trial experience in all of these areas to its practice.

Located just a short drive from Boston, Gillespie & Associates represents clients in the Federal, State and Administrative Courts across Massachusetts.  Our firm brings recognized competence, knowledge and experience in serving stock and mutual insurers, self insurers, claims management firms, third party
administrators and all banking institutions.

Gillespie & Associates is well equipped to provide the staff and resources necessary for the successful handling of any matter assigned.  Continuity and consistency are maintained through our commitment to keep each case with the attorney originally assigned to handle the matter.  This practice, combined with the benefits of our suburban office location, allows us to consistently meet our primary goal of providing quality legal service at a minimal cost.

Our Philosophy 

Gillespie & Associates is committed to providing sound and effective legal counsel, pursuant to the highest standards of quality and integrity, thus ensuring that the rights, interests and assets of our clients are protected to the fullest extent. 

We are further dedicated to responding to all client inquiries in a thorough and expedient manner.  Our clients are kept fully apprised as to all issues and events pursuant to our consistent reporting procedures.  A close working relationship is maintained with our clients ensuring that all guideline requirements are faithfully and promptly met.  All matters assigned to Gillespie & Associates are personally overseen by the firm’s founding partner and lead trial attorney, Paul J. Gillespie.  Because of our smaller size, and our focus of quality defense litigation, Mr. Gillespie will personally handle, as well as litigate, any assignment when requested.  This practice, coupled with the strict case
review standards regularly practiced at Gillespie & Associates, ensures stability and quality handling of every assignment received.  The full satisfaction of every client is our foremost priority in handling your specific legal needs.